About Us

 “Individually designed and handmade woman’s accessories inspired by around the world's culture which make Antyk Butyk as one of the antique and unique accessories with the hint of ethnic and can be glamorous as well. Beside being affordable Antyk Butyk also showing the different perspective that traditional culture can be a modern fashion statement.”     

ANTYK BUTYK was set up in September 2007 at Melbourne, Australia and then continued running in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 2009. Then on 2010 Antyk Butyk become one of the nominee for The Most Promising Accessories Brand at CLEO FASHION AWARD 2010. Then Antyk Butyk continue creating unique collection

On 2014 Antyk Butyk have 4 lines in products, there are:

Antyk Butyk : Resin and Acrylic materials that creating edgy, unique and funky statement look.

Manyk : Faux Pearl, faux crystal, lace and ribbons to create a feminine look.

Arctyk : Natural gemstones, Swarovski pearl and crystal to create simple yet elegant look.

Cramyk : Made from ceramic materials to create a vintage look.